Monday, May 19, 2008


At 10:04 PM last night, I google-talked Lynthia. Our conversation is as below.
me: hey i found nana 2
Lynthia: hey... owh!! tnx.. hehe
me: problem is it doesnt have english subtitle. daijobu?
Lynthia: owh.. janai janai desuyo
me: yappari..
Lynthia: dametai desu. arigatou!
me: wakarimasen... nani dametai desu?
Lynthia: haha.. dametai = don wan haha
me: Ooo... ok
Lynthia: arigatou..
me: hontuni dametai?
Lynthia: so desu ne english i wn haha
me: hait... k..
Lynthia: sumimasen! gomen
me: i am going to sleep now.. see u tomolo...
Lynthia: okie

I am just inspired to post this after seeing Lynthia's extremely long post on her chat with Lynnx. :p

I dont think I will need to explain what were we talking about right?

Ah! As I was driving this morning, I remembered something that I have been wanting to post.... About my home electricity...A year before, my electricity bill is always not accurate. I dont use as much electricity as stated in the bill. But I paid my bill anyways... Then, someone came back to stay for about two months and the electricity bill become not over-stated... it became understated for about RM100 plus. Big sweat from me. I have been trying (not really) to make it overstated again. It has been a long journey but I want to say that it is currently at the stage where it is exactly what I am using. Which means... if you give me another 6 months, I will get it to a state of over-stated. Haha... Lame, I know.
Went to see puppies yesterday with Lynthia. I was actually just a companion to get puppy and I brought Lynthia along. Erm... Here is Lynthia with one of the puppies.
Then, I have to have to show this... Someone made this Cottage Pie from looking at the recipe book and he has hardly ever cook so... rare opportunity. It is really yummy.

I shall stop now. Till next post?


lynnx01 said...

Hahahaha.. chat logs are fun to read at.. but yea, it was a bit too long the other day.

g0hy|3 said...

i think i only read about half of it and quit...

this chat log in particular is different from usual...cause of all the japanese words we were using.. hehe..