Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doggie show

First of all, I want to show what I had for lunch one fine day in the office. I woke up at an earlier time than usual and cooked it... I didnt follow the recipe prescribed on the packaging but used what I had to cook the Pad Thai noodles. So, I used egg, french bean (i think that's the name) and also crabstick. Fried it... and then add a bit of fried ikan bilis and roasted sesame seed. So, what do you think?
Then, there is one night that I tried out this Meiji Macha Choco tablet-thingy with LingDi. It is pretty good. The chocolate is really rich and bitter and it goes well with the sweetened Macha. Bought it in Brunei. It was on offer... I forgot how much exactly does it cost though.

Talking about Macha... Just now, went to Coffee Bean with LingDi and she ordered Ice-Blended Macha and the cashier guy corrected her "Ice Blended Mocha la" .... Ms LingDi has gotten so used to refer green tea as macha that she didnt realise that the drink served at Coffee Bean is called Ice Blended Green Tea not Ice Blended Macha... Paise... Paise... Err... I think this particular paragraph, only LingDi will understand it. Btw, Macha means Green Tea in japanese...

Ah! Went to this's Pure Breed Dogs Contest this morning at Taman Bulatan. Actually, I am not even sure if I have the name correct. But anyways... I bet LingDi will be blogging about it so I lazy want to elaborate on it. Just want to show a few things...

I want this Maltese. I want this Maltese. Err... I think this is a Maltese. Kawaii~~!!!

Ah! Then I must show Scooby's pic also... 'Cause if I dont, ppl going to be jealous and scold me for putting only the Maltese pic. So, here's Scooby. The most popular comment that Scooby gets from people at the location is "So fat o!"
Then... before I left the place, I saw a very fierce 'challenge call' from a Rottweiler ( I think it is Rottweiler. Someone correct me if I am wrong). Basically this Rottweiler is barking fiercely at another Rottweiler. Damn fierce lor... I took a video of it..

In case the video is not clear enough for you to see its fierce face, here is a still pic. Ohmigosh... Look at the teeth!

Erm... Going to do some gardening now. Plant some plants. Yes, 'Plant Some Plants" you are reading... What is this girl, who doesnt do weeding, planting plants for? I bought four baby plants and a pack of seeds today...and also three pots... Total cost is RM23.50. Why? I just want to plant la, ok? And... Weeding is just not my thing lor. My poor fingers cant handle it. Blek..Kidding. I did some weeding last week. But my mood to do weeding is very short-lived so... Only did a small area... Ah! Joyous! Thanks to Dad who did the weeding this morning. The horrible plant crawlers outside the front yard is gone! Yea!!

Update: Just done planting. Think I want to show it. The materials I bought.

The after-product. I hope it will flourish... I am not sure if I have the green thumb.


lynnx01 said...

Lynthia blogged about Karen Kong nia.. haha

g0hy|3 said...

yea... i thought she will immediately do a post on that... instead, you are the first to do it. :)

LingDi said...

i'm going to blog abt it tomoro. i kept karen kong's post since yesterday so, need to post first. and lynnx01 is the one who say don post so many posts one day so, gotta wait for tomoro. :)

Anonymous said...

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