Thursday, May 01, 2008

Time to wait again

Ah... The latest news first... My handphone of two years has a very deep scar on it... A long crack on the front screen. I didnt know how did it happen but the screen protector came off last week and I didnt replace it. I think if the screen protector is there, there wouldnt be a crack... Ish... This is just SO great....

Ah! Finally got over the CPA exam this afternoon. 2pm to 515pm... Very exhausted... I dont know how will I fare this time. I hope I pass. It will be a big blow to my confidence if the result is not good.

Erm... K, I am going to write a post for WGTGFashion now.


lynnx01 said...

Wooooot! Cute puppy!

lynnx01 said...

A sign for u to get.. new hp? The LG you've beem eyeing?