Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not yet

That's the deep scar on my two-year old V3i handphone, along with the minor scratches. It is starting to look older and older. According to the lady at the phone shop, I can change the whole casing including the screen glass for about RM100 plus, not including the keypad. Erm... I will think about it.

Many will think that I will want to change my handphone to a new one. Cough... change to the handphone I have been raving about.

LG KU990 Viewty... I am attracted to the 5 mega pixel camera, to tell you all the truth. Really. People have told me that it is useless. If I want to take pics, might as well use a camera la. Err... I know. But I like it and I still want this. End of argument. I am just not good with argument. See that? I like the look of the keypad. Erm... actually, the more I think of the price, the more I dont want to spend the money buying it. Perhaps it will remain to be just a thought.

Ah! Samsung launched a similar but very different phone recently. Samsung Korea, to be exact. Samsung Anycall Haptic SCH-W420. It is also a touch screen phone...
But... it also provide the 'feel' sensation when you touch the keypad. It can sense the movement and thus give responses accordingly (this is my explanation...which I am not so sure if I am describing correctly).
Unfortunately, as you can see from the pic, it is all in Korean and Samsung Anycall is not available in Malaysia. So... it is impossible. Then, according to the review I read, it costs around USD 700 - USD 800 which makes it even more impossible to get.

Ok... I dont think I will get it even if it is available... Cause I think the 'feel' sensation is not important... There is a feature that I like though...which is.... I have no idea how to explain it... never mind then.

Must be like why all of the sudden talk about a handphone which is not even available in Malaysia. How do I know this? Hmm... I think the answer is very easy. TVXQ aka Tohoshinki filmed the adverts for this phone. Hehe...

The advert in sequence.. The opening, the battle, the scandal... and more coming up soon.

The Opening

The Battle

The Scandal

The feature I was saying is at around 1.37 of the video.

Erm... Will be leaving for Brunei later. Mother's Day. Bah...


Lynnwei said...

let's haptic!!!

ahahah...i will definately agree with u buy haptic..

erm...well, try to earn and use money from paypal to buy! u can start in...msg me and i'll tell u more...

of coz money dont jsut fall onto ur lap..need to work for it!

lynnx01 said...

Yes, the money I earn can already buy the phone.. nearly enough for a laptop as well.

g0hy|3 said...

I have only one huge sweat... Of course, money dont just fall onto our lap... yea, we need to work for it.... Erm... I have a regular job and a part time job to do that already and these two currently are killing me and all of my time.

I really dont know how to elaborate on... mostly because I havent have my dinner and I am very hungry. Hehe... huge sweat for my answer right?