Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The router is fried. gone. no more. dead.

My house phone is also fried. gone crazy.

All due to the lightning early this morning. About 5am.

The thunder was so loud that it woke me up, tripped the electricity, caused the cars' alarm to go off like crazy.

I think my laptop is still ok. I am not sure if there is any side effect to the laptop.

Planning to get a new router as soon as possible. Two or three more days. Somehow, I am accepting the fact so calmly that I need to get a new router.


Ei... So how do I post this? Hehe... Thanks to Lynns le... Hehe...

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Sherp said...

hehee. i can imagine u saying the first sentence, animatedly.

wake up ning jie. im hungry. lets go chow ju mien