Monday, July 28, 2008


Yea! Finally got the pics to post. Hehe...So..anyways, because it was first time, we sat at Table No. 1. Just to mark the occasion. Ok, not true. Just happen to sit there la.

I had the chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I haven't poured the mushroom sauce so there isn't any sauce on the chicken chop in the pic but let me tell you this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SAUCE because... it has three types of mushrooms in it and one of the mushrooms is enokitake!! My favourite. Muahaha... :p
Then, we shared the Calamari Fritti...which was a bit of disappointment. One is because I prefer the calamari to be a bit at the chewy juicy texture than the crunchy texture. Two is because the wasabi mayo sauce is bitter. Sweat. But I am sure they will improve it!

Then... Dessert... The couple shared the Honey Mudslide. I like the way the food is displayed.
Citrus's Honey Mudslide
It has a different feel if you compared it to the Mudslide we had at Coffee Club, Singapore.
Coffee Club's Mudslide

I want to try the Chocolate Fondue but instead I ordered the Banana Crumble. It wasn't too bad. But Aaron's Apple Crumble is not as good as the one we had at Swensen's, Brunei. That was good... Yum....

Swensen's Apple Crumble


áƒĤAmandaa said...

I thought Citrus is some kind of direct sales company. HAHAHAH?!

oh okay, now I know it's a restaurant.

Sherp said...

fooooooooooooooooood ar so good-looking