Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am busy yet free

Today is a weird day... I seems to have a lot to do and yet there seems to be too much time.

Truthfully, I want to sit at the sofa and watch tv. But there isnt anything to watch. And it is not because there isnt any interesting program on tv. It is because I am still 'astro-less'

I dislike the talk about why arent I getting a astro set myself. Why should I? Dont even get me started on why I dont have an Astro set. Anyways, it is my way of silent protest. So, hush!

Anyways... I wanted to post the pics from my first visit to Citrus but then... I dont have all the pics. Should have brought a digicam to take pics but I dont have the digicam with me now. :p

So..instead of posting what I had on the 'first time', I shall post what I ate on my second time. Today's lunch...
Black Pepper Seafood Pasta

Since I am a spicy food eater, I managed to gobble up half of the pasta before pepperly spicy-ness gets too much for me. I guess they will tone down the spicy-ness... Cause I gave feedback to the owner about the food so the food will improve.

Erm... Just in case you are curious of the interior of the restaurant, you can check it out here. The guy wrote a review on the place and he has really nice pics of the food. Hmmpphh... Mine was taken with my handphone. :p


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