Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am back

I am actually "with internet" for the last few days. But I was...busy. Muahaha...

Ah! The heart-throbbing pic! *Blush*

Been makan-ing. Last week, before the "internet-less" time, I went to eat at ... Escapade?No!... Err... Shiki! That's it. This took me about ten minutes to remember the name of the restaurant. Gosh... I miss Excapade. The sashimi at Shiki wasnt very fresh... Actually, I also ate udon but it looks not very appetising in pic so... no pic here.

Erm... Sherp, Veep and parents are in Miri...and Sherp has been my roomie for a few nights already. We had been makan-ing too. Yummy yummy....
There is also a morning when we (lynnwei, Sherp and I) went to Taman Selera to enjoy the sea breeze and view.
Ah... Have got to congrats Lynna for winning the tennis competition...and then also Abelle for her effort in the competition. And then, I just want to show this pic. 'Cause I think it looks really nice. Last but not least, Happy belated Birthday to Sherp!

1 comment:

Sherp said...

oh thank you, roomie!!

and i agree. the second to last pic is awesome! :D