Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back pain

Suffering of back pain. I suspect it is the high-heels I am wearing... Hopefully after one week of not wearing high heels next week, I will feel better.

My Mum was back from KL last Sunday - She attended a 9-day meditation course with Burmese monks, gained mental peaceful-ness and lost 2.5 kg. Now she wants me to go to this meditation course too. Gasp!

Yesterday, during lunch hour, while walking in Bintang Plaza, I stopped and let out a fangirl scream. Joanna asked me what happened and then almost immediately her face told me that she knew why. Mirotic was playing loudly in the air. Aaaaaaa....! Sorry.

I officially start a 10-day off from work today - Combination of two weekends, two public holidays and four days of overtime leave. I will probably grow some cobwebs at home.

Internet connection has been super sucky for the past few days. I want to die...

I heart Neslo Shake


lynnx01 said...

Instead of growing cobwebs, I suggest you clean those cobwebs up. Time for spring cleaning. Even if it's not your 'job' to do, it can be real therapeutic.

Sherp said...

hhaha i knw eh, the internet was so sucky :( so hard to dl stuffs.
hav fun in ur day offs!!