Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Twlight Series Saga Journey

Ok, I finally finished the saga. 4 books. Done.

Book 1 - Approximately 6 hours. Very rough estimation because I stopped in between.
Book 2 - Took me about 5 hours - possibly less. I finished the book at 4.30am.

Book 3 - About 8 hours. I took a lot of breaks in between - was chatting online and watching tv at the same time.

Book 4 - Also about 7 hours. I started reading at about 11.30pm till 5.30am. Woke up at 7am to go to work. Yea, it is crazy. The book is a lot thicker - does this explains the longer hours?
Conclusion(s) from reading these books :-
1) I am way faster in reading if I dont have to keep stopping. Way faster.
2) I get really absorbed in reading.
3) Although I said that I will not spend a dime on these books, I changed my mind now. I might buy them if my budget actually allow me to. 'Cause I dont mind re-read the books. I can already imagine the wrinkly book cover and possibly a few dog-ears. The musty smell of the book.
4) My English is certainly much better after i read the books. Maintenance Work.
5) I just realised that I will have to tell the whole story to someone whom I have told the entire Book 1 story. Gee...


jazz said...

Haha.. good on u. eh don't spend on buying the books la. save ur money.

eh, economy crisis now ler. dun quit ur job yea?

nanotayy said...

hahaa! :P

I searched for the summaries for the four books on that night. one word : Interesting.

g0hy|3 said...

jazz, I will see if my budget can stretch for these books. Honestly, I dont think it can. Haha...
Nah.. not quitting my job in this near future. not yet.

Nanotay, does this mean I dont have to tell u the story anymore?

lynn-w said...

haha..u bought those books??

veep will love u for finishing them!!

i only read the first..

i feel tat the books are for teens...very young romance..aha..
but it;s nice...have u seen the movie?