Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Should I or Shouldnt I?

Out of the blue, I decided to check out Yesasia for the latest merchandises of Dong Bang Shin Ki aka Tohoshinki aka TVXQ. Well, I am pleased to see that they will have a Japanese single at the beginning of 2009. Then... I saw that there is discounts on K-Pop items. So, I browsed through and selected a few items. Within half an hour, my shopping cart is filled with the above-listed items.

Ah! Nanotay, do you notice the Big Bang album? Breathe! Stop screaming if you are. Remember to breathe!! Breathe in! Breathe out!

After staring at the shopping cart... After thinking of my Paypal balance... I tidak sanggup la. Really... I can't cut down any of the items because there is this minimum amount for free shipping. So... I shall stop here.

Just now... Had a drink and a bit of makan with Lynthia & Lynna. Errmm... yea. Not good for my waist...I am not getting any slimmer... instead getting fatter. Shit!

Hmmm... I should watch tv now. Hehe... I have not been watching tv recently.. Missed a number of episodes of drama series... Will have to catch up by watching online. Bah... I wonder if there is any Korean entertainment news tonight. :P


nanotayy said...

Ningjieee, delete the Big Bang's album. save the rm 50 ++
dont buy oo, okay?

jazz said...

hahaha buying stuff online now hoh.. and ah ning is trying to discourage you. good la.. dun buy so much ya.. save the $$

Sherp said...

hahahhha i had to laugh out loud at ningjie's attempt to calm nanotay :p

and tsk tsk for swearing tsk tsk