Saturday, September 05, 2009

Anticipation to drive

Have been sitting in front of the laptop for almost one hour since I woke up. My life is reducing to the Facebook and One Manga-addicted life. Every day the same thing.

On Facebook, just realised a fact about Restaurant City from Lynnwei that I need to have it running all the time in order to level up. alamak~! I have been saving and quitting. No wonder it is so hard for me to level up.

On One Manga, I am reaching a slump again. Nothing else to read. Nothing interesting. Oh no~!

Last night I slept earlier than my usual sleeping time... 10pm instead of 12 midnight. Cause... I finally got too tired to stay up till midnight. Woke up earlier than usual as well. Before my alarm clock rings. And woke up to the roaring winds and... no, dun see any rain. A bit worried because I dislike driving in the rain and I still have to go out to pump petrol before heading to Brunei. I can choose to pump petrol when the others are here and we go together. But.. somehow, I want to do it alone. Don't know what type of mentality is this.

Just came back from outside. Bought and ate breakfast, pumped petrol and bought a big bottle of water.

Big bottle of water - Since Mumsie went to Myanmar for her meditation session, I have been living without any drinking water supply at home. Reason being that my house water filter is not maintained anymore so Mumsie forbade me from drinking water from that filter and started to transport filtered water from Brunei. And since she is not around and I am running out of filtered water supply (she transports a lot of bottles for me at one time), I have start buying mineral water... Kind of sad. Must try to work out a budget to change the water filter.

Then this morning, I realised that there is this Chanel envelope in the mailbox. Weird... I am not a Chanel buyer. Open mail. Ala... It is a promotional mail for Chanel new product and it comes with a free personalised pampering session and flash makeover session. Should I use this for the event on the 9th? Still wondering. tell you the truth, this blog post still in progress since this morning. And... I am back from Brunei.
And so... I finally get to drive to Brunei. Well, just Kuala Belait. It wasnt too bad. I have confidence to drive all the way to Bandar now. So, now is just the question of when will I do it. Haha...


jazz said...

wah.. so now u can drive to brunei by yourself? :P

Lynn-w said... leaving ur RC on, you release you can level up faster, right? hehehe....

maybe we should have RC forum among cousins, just to exchange info and maybe ingredients! ahaha...