Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Fine Sunday

Woke up earlier than intended. I wanted to sleep till noontime so that I can skip breakfast but... my body refused to let me sleep. It was just 730am. Darn~

Nothing to eat at home. More like nothing I want to eat at home so I only drank a cup of coffee. The two giraffe yellow mug is not mine. It belongs to JWei but I am using it because the coffee taste better in it. Haha...

Nothing much to do so Let u guys see the mess on my table, next to the laptop. My mascara, eyebrow powder, nail clipper, watch, etc... convenient for me to grab and use. It is messy though.

I decided to show some pictures from the colleagues' KB's trip. The colleagues...
Isn't Aaron looking quite cute? Haha~~ I am not sure if it can be seen from the picture but my eyelashes are quite long due to the mascara. We were the drivers chauffeurs of the trip. We were even in matching black polo shirt and brown knee length pants.

We ordered a number of stuff including the B$50 party pack of sushi and sashimi.
Very full after all those food. Shopping at Soon Lee and Supasave after that.

Hmm... Finished my coffee. Hunger kicking in again. Need to wait till noontime to go to Lynns' place for popiahs. Going to concentrate on playing Facebook games to endure till then. Btw, I reached Level 32, the max level in Restaurant City. Now, I just need to upgrade my food. Hehe...

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veep said...

HEHE me too! i also reach max.
so now i just upgrade food i got level 10 sushi already :D