Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have you seen this girl?

Ah yes. That's the girl who just bought a new pair of fashion fake glasses. Looks like a nerd...a fashionable nerd.

Bad news... The kueh chap stall at WZT will be closing end of this month. The owner is retiring. No more WZT kueh chap. Sad!!
Went to have a bowl this morning. We had the final 3 bowls of the day and it is quite salty. My guess is that these final 3 bowls of soup is from the bottom of the soup pot and the saltiness is quite concentrated.
Feeling kind of emotional today. Most likely because of the horrible PMS. So now, definitely no sad movies cause I will most definitely cry. No violent movies...maybe I will become angry and turn violent. Kidding.
Work is getting annoying. Took a long leave from work and when I got back to work, I find myself facing a super lousy account and I need to complete the whole mess in a short (less than) two weeks time. Darn!!
Going to do a double posting tonight. Just realised that I have something that I have forgotten to post about.


LingDi said...

Ahhh.. My nerdy glasses!

Sherp said...

aw lynthia~ haha

yea ningjie.. for the past week pms has pulled me soooo down~ bt i think okay liao la. i was super weak and tired tho :(

i hope ur account things wont be too stressful!

LX said...

WZT kueh chap closing!??!

g0hy|3 said...

Lindi, yupe. your nerdy glasses. haha...

Sherp, i will pull thru. ganbatte!!

LX, yea. It is unfortunately true.