Friday, September 25, 2009


I have been doing quite a number of stuff.

One of them is to accompany Jo to her wedding dress fitting. It was interesting to see the process and wonder when will it be my turn. Haha...
And then, I also made another trip to KB and this time, it is with the Lynns. I dont have much Brunei currency and so, I refrained from buying unnecessary stuff which also basically means that I did not buy anything at all. Btw, the carrots at Supasave looks super cute.
And since the aunties and uncles are all gathering in Miri for a cousin's wedding, we also happen to have quite a few eating sessions. Looks like my waistline is just going to continue to increase. Darn!
Bought a dress today. A dress that I never thought that I will buy. It is for someone's wedding and I already know when I can wear it again. Hehe.. I shall wear it during my Perth trip. :p Will post the dress in wgtgfashion soon.

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