Thursday, September 08, 2011

No picture post

No picture today because I dunno what to post... Hehe...

Today is not a productive day. Went for a time-wasting thingy this morning and had to reschedule the thingy. I will reveal what is this thingy when I know more.

It is almost mid of the month now. Hoho...Time flies. Had a lot of weird thoughts recently. One of them is to hopefully be able to do maintenance on my hair twice a year because...otherwise I will have a really messy hair for the rest of the year and only nice hairstyle around chinese new year time. Total confidence killer. urgh...

Then... there is also this goal setting on my weight issue. I hope to be able to achieve my body's ideal weight by chinese new year... It is going to be tough and I hope to be able to reduce slowly and hopefully reach the targetted weight. Ganbatte!!

Bah...More blogging tomorrow~

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