Saturday, September 30, 2006

Three weeks of working

Ever since I came back from my long leave, I have been working for three weeks. Three unbelievable fast weeks. I can still remember vividly of my trips to Singapore and Shanghai. All the previous events seems not long ago.

Ramaddan is already here which means that Hari Raya will be very soon. After Hari Raya, it will be my exam time and then straight away to KK. Then before you know it, cousins are coming back to Miri.

Really feel like time is slipping through my fingers like sand. Cant recall how many times have I written about how time flies in my blog.

I am actually suffering from writer's block at the moment. I have no idea what to blog about recently.

Anyway, below is the pic of Karen's plant. Pokok Semalu. It is growing beautifully and has sprouted four more leaves since I took this pic.
Had lunch with Thomas at Double Star the other day. Remember the time I lunch with Jeng there, the place looks like it is not completely decorated. Well, it has completed its decoration and the whole shop now looks great. Cousins, when you guys are here in Miri, I wil bring you to this place to makan, yea?

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