Monday, November 26, 2007


Firstly, the phone is charging so I cant get the pictures out of the phone at this moment. Dont want to interrupt the charging process. So no pics.

Secondly, digicam actually has pictures but I am playing songs over my window media player and this window media player dont like the memory card so if I plugged in the memory card, it will 'merajuk' and closed itself. Big sweat ... So, no pics.

So.... anyways... the package has finally arrived. And as promised, Lynnwei has posted a post about it. Hehe...

Got to explain myself... I am a bit weird these days. I am online all the time... Well, almost all the time ( I dont go online at work)... But I dont really go surfing around or read blog or check emails or ... I just dont. So... What do I do? I am online because I have paid for it and I dont want to just let it go wasted so I switched on Veoh to let run and wait for new videos to be posted and then so I can download it. :p

Then... What is the use of switching on the laptop if you are not going to use it? So, it is playing Tohoshinki's songs all the time... ALL THE TIME. No worries about the laptop speakers though 'cause the songs are playing through JWei's Altec Lansing's speakers at a very reasonable high volume. Muahaha....

P/S: I have gotten myself a new Phillips earphones so that I can drown myself with Tohoshinki's songs while my aunties are here to visit. :P

Recently, whoever who sits in my car will probably have to endure listening to me talking about Tohoshinki and nothing else. Believe me. I understand the pain of enduring me so I have been stopping myself. I promise not to over-do it. Promise!

Another something to talk about is... err... apology, you have to read about Tohoshinki... I was in pain last night. In complete depression. Sigh... keywords are.... Tohoshinki. KL. Concert. Me. Miri. At Home. Listening to their songs. SIGH~~~~

Then to find out that their latest photobook, if I am to buy it from, it will cost me RM 600+. Want to die ar.... Then again, I dont want it. :P

Ok... enough about that.

Err... Had a first time thingy last night. First time in my life. I actually win a lottery. err.. consider as a lottery ka? Dont know la. Anyways, I bought this 6/52 from Toto and I have 4 digits in the winning numbers and so... I won the 4th place prize.... which is .... RM3. Muahaha....

Been busy doing this thing of mine at home. Want to get as much done as possible and then also worrying about the arrivals of my aunties. I cant imagine what the situation will be like.


kevin 1809 said...

Hi, wish you happy everyday.
pls come to my blog and give me some comments.

Sherp said...

tohoshinki?? u can tell me loads abt them when i go back :D