Thursday, November 15, 2007

When it is too much

Had an emotional rollercoaster yesterday. I went from extreme excitement & happiness to extreme frustration and desperation. The cycle went on from morning to night. It is just almost time. I am thinking that this is worst mood swing ever. I got witnesses somemore. Guilty I called them to complain and share my happiness. Hehehe

Just a few minutes ago, I realised the reason why I couldnt sleep last night. I drank tea la... Never thought that tea can cause me to be sleepless. Anyways... I did have my sleep.

Went on a shopping frenzy this morning. When I reached home, I spent around one hour to marinate everything. It is all in the fridge now. I think I am sort of within the budget I have set myself. Still got a few last minute things to buy though. :P

Think I should , at least, tidy up the place tomorrow. Dont patronise me about tidying up, k... I know I know...

Bah... Should get some sleep so that more energy tomorrow.



lynnx01 said...

Mop your floor too.. heheheh... you'll find it so satisfying when the home is clean. Trust me.

l y n n w e i said...