Thursday, November 22, 2007


Err.. Actually not considered as post-celebration since bday was on Tuesday. But it was back to real world, the working life.

Actually... today is a very mind-tiring day. Got this assignment that kills many of my brain cells. So many cells are dead that I become tired. Mood-less. Old.

Yesterday, attended Harry & Alice's wedding. My first invitation to a wedding dinner. Previously it is always follow grandma. This time, the card is under my name. Err... Hehe... The next red bomb is near the corner. So fast!!

Today, Mum came to raid the house again. I thought she threw away my original laptop setup cds but she didnt. Phew... She really want to get the house all clean for her sisters and this daughter of hers...sigh... I dont know. Hehe

Ah... like I have said, my mind is very tired. Body also ikut tired. So.... Oyasuminasai!


lynnwei said...

yay! happy birthday! kekekekke.....


ur auntie coming to live with u?

< u3! y!nG > said...

Happy Birthday to you.

g0hy|3 said...

Hehe... Thanks

My Aunties are coming to stay for a cousin's wedding then they will go visit Brunei... I think they will be in Miri for probably 4 to 5 days.