Sunday, December 02, 2007

I want a break

Been working very hard since yesterday on this stuff. I just want a break for a moment. Then, to realise that I havent blog for quite a while... hehe.. just two days nia. Feel like such a long time.

Actually, I didnt entirely concentrate on the stuff. I did surf around... and joined a forum and proceeded to post a number of posts... and discover a few interesting things...

But...first... pics. Hmm... my blog has been without pics for the previous 4 posts. So need to put in pictures. otherwise see all words nia..sien also. Haha

Pics from my cousin's wedding at Golden Restaurant

Paise... I didnt take much pics these days. Dont know why. Weird.

Oh! The interesting things I discovered in the forum. One is that I finally can convert and download the videos from Youtube... Haha... My frustration of not able to download the videos I want is finally over...

Second interesting thing is about hair... how to cure split ends... :P Kind of pointless rambling, right? But I have a lot of split ends and I am seriously considering to try the method... which at this moment, I have forgotten exactly how so I will only go look at it again when I have the olive oil. :P

My obsession. Is the third thing. Ohmigosh... The amount of pics is absolutely insane. Erm...but I do prefer watching videos more than looking at pics.

Oh... I remembered something I want to blog about. Just now, I went to Imperial to buy some groceries. Sigh... Should have bought eggs 'cause eggs not much left but anyways... the thing is that I actually wanted to buy KFC but when I arrived at KFC, I decided not to. And... on my way to KFC (if you know the layout of Imperial, you should know that there is a space in the middle of Imperial), I heard a rather familiar song. It is blasting on the speakers and Boulevard is having somesort of Christmas bedsheet and comforter sales. It is so awfully familiar and yet it is not a language I understand...I had a feeling that this is the song of a certain group but I cant be too sure... until I hear the words 'Forever Love'

SHIT~! It is Tohoshinki's 14th Japanese Single's song 'Forever Love' which is just released on 14.11.2007 and it is playing in Imperial. What? Is there a problem with my hearing? Honestly, at that point, I was literally grinning like a Cheshire cat and man, am I worried that people who see me will think that I am crazy. Sweat...

Haha... Again, I am sure that people who read the above will also have a huge sweat. My obsession is rather absurd, i know.

Ohya... Feel so much pressure from two sisters who are not in Miri to go and look at Scooby and HeiQ while the ones in London seems to be completely unconcerned ('cause they didnt ask me while the other two asked me). Sweat.

p/s: will check on them. Dont worry too much la.


Sherp said...

:):) thank you for the phone charm!

don worry i don think u are crazy for grinning like a cheshire cat. when lynthia gave me the mike he, wilber pan and jay calender. u have no idea how wide i was grinning and my jaw just dropped open so wide. hahahhaha :D

lynnx01 said...

Hey, you should have bought your KFC snack plate and the bones... you know what.. hahahahaha..

LingDi said...

hey.. i was and am concerned abt them.. Haha.. you didn know how much i miss them.. mm.. cute cute cutie pie scooby and smart smartie heiq..haha.. bear bear scooby!

áƒĤAmandaa said...

MICKY MICKY!!!!!! just ignore this comment, because i saw his picture, wanna shout out loud! hahaha, i cant shout now cause not very convenient.

l y n n w e i said...

erm..ur cousin getting abt miine??



l y n n w e i said...

thank u ning jie for checking on scooby! i believe one day u'll like him too!!

he's too cute! too irresistable! kekekeke