Thursday, December 13, 2007

How I escaped from going up the stage

People from the office will think that "Where got this girl escape o? She was amcee-ing le"

I am actually talking about the escape at my friend's wedding. My apologies for not being sporting that night. My most sincere apologies. I offer no excuses because I also cant figure out why. Stage fright perhaps?

Congratulations to Diana and Raymond on their .... wedding(?). How to congratulate such thing? I dont know the proper words, all of a sudden, I cant think. Thanks for inviting me anyways.

Last night was the office's annual dinner. Three years of annual dinner and each year, it is different.

This year, it is held at Broadway Lounge at Grand Palace Hotel. Somehow, I was suddenly apointed the job of getting the lucky draw prizes ready and also suddenly, on the night, become the amcee. Anyways, food was great. Karaoke session was great. I didnt win anything. Sigh....

Kind of drained at the moment. Too tired to think. Bah.

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l y n n w e i said...

pics le?

hows scooby today?