Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Day yet again. It was on 25th December 2004 that I started this blog and this marks the 3rd year of my blog. Year 2007 blog activity is less than year 2006. Not sure of the reason but I sensed the change in me. Not sure if it is for a better or worse me.

I remember the others mark their blog anniversary by the number of posts they have. I have passed the 300-post. Hehe... this should be the 343th post, I think.

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas, everyone~! The Christmas tree made its 4th appearance again. Been using since Dec 2004. Hehe... Stole it from Yahoo. :p

Erm... I decided to put in a pic from my office annual dinner. Just the pic of the stage. The dinner was at Broadway Lounge, Grand Palace Hotel. I didnt win anything from the lucky draw but it was a good experience 'cause I was the impromptu amcee. Nervous wreck. Then, we had the karaoke session. Different annual dinner experience for the three annual dinners I have attended.

Had lunch at Dave's Deli on 21st Dec. Egg & Sausages. The foursome lunch for year 2007. The twosome went off to holidays after this lunch.

The 21st Dec was a very thrifty day. That is because there is this Siamese Secrets's dinner.
This is the Try-It-At-Your-Own-Risk Spicy Tom Yam that JWei ordered which leads him to feel uncomfortable till the second day. Yes, it is definitely on his own risk that he tried this.

I shared these Nachos and Burger with Aaron. Too full. P/S Beef patty is too dry for me.

Told JWei that we will definitely go to Excapade to eat when we are in Brunei. True enough. We went for dinner. Hehe...

On Sunday, before going back to Miri, went to this Malay wedding. First time attend a Malay wedding. Because the heavy rain the night before, the road and the eating place floor are very very wet and muddy. The weather isnt helping at all as the sun shone brightly and it was very humid. Thankfully, I had my Tohoshinki's songs to keep me occupied.

Unlike Chinese wedding with its 8 or 9-course meal, this Malay wedding is just a very short lunch. 0.o

Back in Miri. Back to work.


lynnx01 said...

This time I recognise the Christmas tree!!!

Dancing Queen said...

Merry Christmas to you! We had lunch at Excapade today. Nice! :)

Lynnwei said...

haha.....wow...3 years!! tats a long time!!!

well, u've done great!

g0hy|3 said...

lynnx, hehe... good. Haha...

DQ, Merry Christmas to you too...Yummyness at Excapade. My younger brother, unfortunately, doesnt appreciate it. :p

lynnwei, yea... Hopefully I will have the stamina to go on.