Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a Weekend

If you think that I have a great weekend, you are so wrong.

I am not sure why I am bored and sleepy. I did start downloading from ClubBox to get Tohoshinki's videos. No idea what is this ClubBox? It is a Korean website to download things that people put in there. Errmm..No further details because the whole site is in Korean... Haha... How exactly can I even start downloading from there? I have my source. :p Like Huiling have said before, if I want something, I will find a way to get.

Been trying to download TVXQ's Bonjour Paris Part 2 & 3 which are not yet available in Veoh. One downside about this ClubBox is that it can only download one file at a time and with such a slow speed. At the moment, I have basically been downloading for approximately two days... and only reached 58%?!! JWei cant complain about me downloading... Cause this is not Veoh. It is too slow to... interrupt him.. Haha

I think the expression on Chang Min fits my expression now. Since the pic doesnt have JaeJoong, I decided to just put in a pic of JaeJoong.
I wanted to watch Kimora Lee's Life on the Fab Lane yesterday but guess what? I actually fell asleep on the sofa before the show started.

I dont know what is wrong but I am still tired. A part of my head is killing me now.


p/s: If you clicked the pics, you will discover how huge is the pics... hehe... Just saved it from a site this morning. Super huge files... so happy to get them..hahaha... and it is without any watermark somemore. OooHuuu~~!

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Sherp said...

hehee always see gdlooking guys in ur blog ;)