Saturday, December 29, 2007

Out of Body Experience

ボディー経験から was once mentioned by JunSu as his favourite (at that moment) Japanese phrase.

Had a weird experience this early morning. I woke up and was aware that I am awake but I had nto opened my eyes yet. I felt that I couldnt move body as if it is paralysed. I think to myself that this is weird. But sort of still wondering with no sense of urgency... Not panic at all lo... Then, slowly, I felt much better and I was able to move....

Suddenly remember about this and it reminded me of the phrase 'out of body experience.' I dont have this experience though... it is, however, related to sleep paralysis, I believe.

Halo Cafe tomorrow night.... :p


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eee.. last time lynnx jiejie also described this right? that couldnt move as if paralysed. hmmmmm