Thursday, June 05, 2008

Remedy for Heaty People

Ah! Been travelling a lot? Not drinking enough water? Chapped lips? Feeling sick? Getting too much body 'heat'?
Introducing a remedy for people with 'heat' problem. This remedy has been used by my family for quite some time. Just add two sachets into lukewarm water (warm o! Not hot o!) and then drink it. Once a day is good enough. If you are already ill, drink twice a day, two sachets a time.

It doesnt taste bitter. Sweet in fact. Other brand, I am not sure la. But this one is definitely not bitter. Really ok.

Abuthen, if it doesnt work for you, don't come to me to complain. Different people has different reaction to stuff, you know. It works for me and my family but possibly doesnt work for you le...Dont blame me.

And then... introducing Aunt Nora's Limited Edition Red Bean Dumpling. Yummylicious...
Erm... Yawn... Err... Going to try Korean food tonight. A bit anxious le...

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