Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KL Trip

A week after coming back from Perth, I went off to KL with Sherp.

My objective to go to KL was to buy Ikea's window blinds for the computer area in my house. But Mum made curtains for the area. So, I changed my objective from buying window blinds at Ikea to buying wall rack at Ikea and also buying new office wear.

This is the first time we travel together.
Kind of exciting actually. A long wait too. Our plane got delayed~ So, by the time we reached JWei's place, we were so hungry that we had to go out to get some food. The next morning (17.11.2009), JWei rented a car. We sent Sherp to KTT to meet up with Lingdi. Then, JWei and I went to Ikea. Took about one hour plus to reach there. I ended not buying the wall rack. Instead I bought a spice rack. Plan to modify it a bit so that it is no longer the spice rack. It is cheaper too. Hehe... JWei bought a new chair. Actually I bought him a new chair. -.-
Then, we went to 1Utama. It was boring and tiring to walk alone in shopping centre. In case you are wondering, JWei was sitting at one of the many sofas watching movie on his ipod. I miss Laura... I miss LeeSia. They are my shopping partners...I miss them~!!!
After that, we went to fetch Dennis and then went to Sunway Pyramid's TGIF to have dinner. Dennis treated dinner. Thanks~! Actually got pictures but... I havent upload from the phone. Too lazy now. Never mind la...
JWei and I returned the car almost during midnight... It cost me RM75 (I think) for the car. Still alright~

18.11.2009 - Din managed to rent a car that day. So instead JWei and I took a cab to Cititel Midvalley to meet up with Sherp and Lingdi. Fortunately we can register first and leave our luggages there. Otherwise, I dont know how are we supposed to carry around our luggages. Our breakfast.
Quite nice actually. But expensive. Cause I have the tendency to take too much - btw, my bowl is the bottom left. You know... never play with your food. But no one said we can't pose with our food. Top left picture :-
Me: Here you go. A fishcake.
JWei: O~!
Top right picture:-
Me: Curi one piece of lamb.
JWei: Give me another fishcake!
Bottom left picture :-
Lingdi: Yummy sugarcane~
Sherp: Give me some~
Bottom right picture:-
Lingdi: Not giving you any. Muahahah~
Sherp: Hmmpphh~!

Hehe... Anyways... after brunch, we went to Sunway Lagoon.
As you can see, the kids are having a lot of fun. I managed to stay pretty dry till it started to rain and we went on the rapids ride... Sweat.
Because it was raining and we were hungry, we left the Lagoon and headed into Sunway Pyramid for ... lunch?
Above is a 3-layer picture collage. Top layer is pics of the people. Middle layer is us posing with our food. Bottom layer is our Tony Roma's food. The waiter is really funny. He is being very informative and friendly but because of his accent, he also becomes ... funny. :p
JWei left after the meal and a little window shopping while the three of us continued to shop.

19.11.2009 - I woke up earlier than the other two ladies and left for KLCC to search for the British India's dress for Aunty Leng. I didnt get the dress because they dont have any dress. But I did get Shonen Jump magazine so my trip wasnt entirely wasteful.
Lunch at Kim Gary. After lunch, we did a bit more shopping and then Sherp and I went to the airport. Our flight got delayed slightly. But we arrived safely back in Miri...


jazz said...

wah... sounds so fun. =)

g0hy|3 said...

Yea~ We cousins can try to have a trip to go somewhere together. :D

Sherp said...

must hav taken u ages to do this! hahaha
i still need to blogggg