Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perth Trip Part 3

05.11.2009 - The day before Laura and I actually wanted to wake up early to go walk and take some house pictures but we overslept. So the next day, we woke up early and went for the intended walk. :D Breakfast was at Fiona's place again. And... we went to Curtin University to have a look around. I could have studied there but I didnt. :p After exploring Curtin, we went to Carousel to shop. :D I finally bought something. A pair of short pants. Hehe... It feels good~
For dinner, we were cooking.... I cooked mixed veggie. My cooking skill is really rusty. Sigh... Ermmhmm... We have love for Illusion...and we found a new love in Perth. Midori. Hehe... Total Midori drank during the Perth trip is 2 bottles nia la...

06.11.2009 - Dim sum for breakfast. Erm... Just so-so nia. After breakfast, we went to Harbor Town to do more shopping. We really took our time there for two main reasons. Reason one is that apart from shopping, we dont have anything else on our itinerary that we can do. Reason two is because there are so much good deals there. We went in almost every single shops and spend money like there is no tomorrow. We finally finished shopping at the Ground Floor and had our lunch, ISPA Kebab, at 330pm. The 1st Floor is less interesting than the Ground Floor so we spent less time to finish exploring it. For dinner, we had Korean food. After the dinner, we walked around Northbridge and ate shaved ice at Icey Ice. Btw, Miri also has this shaved ice. kind of expensive though.

Time to sleep. Need to wake up early tomorrow.

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