Friday, November 27, 2009

Something new

"You need to think about what you are in your friends' heart?"

I don't think it is a bad thing to get two bottles of liquer for my birthday. Maybe I am showing a bit more interest in liquer recently. I have opened Absolut Mango and... not planning to open Bacardi Apple anytime soon. :p
On the contrary, I also received pink piggy giant peg and pink piggy handphone bag. Super cute. Now, all I need is to choose a photo to put on the pink peg. :D

Today, I bought something new. I always feel kind of stingy about buying sport shoes. But, my recent new activity inspired me to get it. Hopefully I will have a better time walking in this. :D


LX said...

From a total-clean person, I have tried all sorts of liquor within a couple of months'. The best of vodka, whiskey, wine, tequila.. you name it! Hahha! I love Smirnoff Ice. It is like the replacement of 100plus because you cannot find 100plus here.

You made the right choice by getting a good walking/running shoes. It makes a whole lot of difference. I still prefer wearing my running shoes when I go out.. even though it is so not matching with my clothes, but it is so much easier since I walk so much here!

g0hy|3 said...

Last two weekend, i was introduced to Vodka Ice. But when I want to order one, they ran out of stock Swt~

I havent tested it yet. Really hope it will make my walking more comfortable. :D

jazz said...

Haha.. that's good to experience alcohol. we all know how to control ourselves anyway.

eh eh, u know wat, i went to dressmart today to give my cv to the manager at wildpair and i saw this nice boots for $30. I ran away quickly after cos i know i will buy if i stay even for a min.

g0hy|3 said...

Yea. control is very important. Either in alcohol or buying stuff.

I am stopping myself from going out to shop today. But the internet connection is so lousy today that I want to kill myself.