Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Perth Trip Part 1

I know I am late. I should have quickly arrange the pictures and blog about it... But I seems to be so left behind on so many things that I don't know which one to start doing first.

01.11.2009 - The three of us set out for Singapore and expecting to transit at the airport for about 6 hours. I believe the initial plan was to wait at the airport but we went out to have lunch and even did a bit of shopping. The bacon stick is seriously fat..hehe... adding weight before arriving at Perth.
Arrived at Perth... Got stopped at the immigration for not knowing the address of the place we are staying. Then... luggage completely searched through as well. Finally, we stepped out of Perth International Airport...into the cold night. Ohmigosh... It is totally like the time I went to New Zealand. According to our itinerary, we are supposed to go have supper at Fast Eddy's. I only had a cup of hot chocolate though. First night at Perth...A bit not used to the stillness in the air. But the combination of blanket and the coldness of the night is so nice~~
02.11.2009 - We started our day with Hungry Jack's brekky set. Breakfast in the car while on our way to the city.Maybe it is because of the fact that I keep converting the price to ringgit, I cant find anything to buy!!I would like to believe that there is nothing much to shop too. The weather is still quite cool so it was really nice to shop that day. For lunch, we had Vietnamese food.The downer for the Ho Fun I had is that it has bean sprouts in it. urgh...

After lunch, we went on a car trip to see houses. i have no idea where are we driving around but I know one thing. The houses are really nice. We stopped at this place to look around and it was so hot but with cooling air.
An abrupt stop to the post... Still havent got to doing collages for the rest of the day. Sweat. Shall work on it!!