Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Perth Trip Part 4

07.11.2009 - That day, we went to Fremantle again. CLC was not feeling well the day before but he is better on that day...We had a little funny moment at the parking lot. :p Erm...I often hear from yuanz about Fremantle. About the fish and chips. When we arrived there, we went to the market first. Laura and I splurged on some fridge magnets there. I love the gecko magnet. Want to see the gecko magnet? Come see it at my house la. Anyways... initially we are supposed to try the crepe suzette at the market but we were too full. Then, we got a call from Fiona so... we went to get a crepe suzette to share. Yummy~ I love the sugar and cinnamon combination.
Right after the crepe suzette, we went to Cicerello's for the fish and chips. It is actually just so-so. It was interesting to watch the seagulls dived in for the leftovers. After lunch, we actually wanted to go to Fremantle Prison but changed our plant to do gardening at CLC's backyard. We joked that there might be snake in the backyard. All was fun till I saw a snake-like head in the grass...
Say hello to Mr. Bobtail. It is something like a lizard. Scared all of us..but it is really harmless. Phew...
My hands shakes so much after that. Partly from the shock and mostly because of the gardening. It has been so long since I have done gardening so... to suddenly do so much. My hands just kept shaking.
For dinner, we drove all the way to Mundaring to eat at Little Caesar's - the one we missed on Tuesday.
Quite cold to sit outside and I was wearing short pants. But when the pizzas arrived, not cold anymore la... Hehe... Great pizzas.

08.11.2009 - Final day. We were to leave Perth that night. We went for another round of Dim Sum breakfast. Everything is quite yummy till we ate the fried milk...the last item. Yuck~ It is quite unique. Tasty to those who like it.
We had another round of shopping at Harbor Town but there wasn't much to see anymore. So we were done with the shopping pretty quickly... Then, it was goodbye, Perth City. Took a few pics while the car was moving... Perth Eye and... Bell Tower, I think. Then, we had another round of soft serves...sat on the grass by the river (?) watching people with their water sports... For dinner, it is Chinese style... We had the huge crab...I forgot the name. :p After that... airport. Byebye, Perth~!

09.11.2009 - We arrived early morning at Singapore. Waited for a few hours... Dozed off at the airport. Super sleepy.
By noon, we were back in Miri. Long trip. I didn't get to rest till night time. Had to become my mum's driver.

Muahaha... done~!!

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