Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perth Trip Part 2

Continuance from 02.11.2009 - We decided to buy a loaf of apple strudel to enjoy at King's Park... King's Park is..erm... really nice. haha... Writer's block... It is actually kind of weird to go to a place that I have heard yuanz talk about so much. The feeling is like 'so, this is how it looks like.'
Anyways, the apple strudel... becomes like this. So, we decided not to eat it at King's Park but to bring it back to Fiona's place where we have plates and cutleries. After the pastry eating, we went to the nearby Garden City to shop and then to a McD drive thru for some soft serves and then a walk in the park...Dinner was at Turkish Kitchen. Needless to say, the food was nice~ Yum~ The dinner pretty much concluded the activity for that day.

03.11.2009 - We ...Laura and I...had cookies and milk for breakfast. And then..for lunch, we tapau-ed Jester's pies.Me really like to eat Jester's pie. Very nice... That day, we went to Caversham Wildlife Park. The weather is not nice..because it was so hot~!! And..there were a lot of flies. The kangaroos are kind of cute... I thought I would be scared to see kangaroos up close but... turned out that I am alright... But the disgusting part is that owl... To see it swallow the lower part of a mice in front of me (I was less than a metre from it) was kind of disgusting. The shearing of the sheep was also kind of fun to watch. Took a video of the process. :D But the file is too big..very hard to upload...The video-taking took quite a bit of my battery power. But it is very clear lo... After the wildlife park, we went to look at vineyard...and then Margaret River Chocolate Factory (where we stole some freebie chocolate chips)... Then... our plan was actually to eat dinner at Little Caesar's but when we arrived there, the place is closed...because it is their offday on Tuesday. So, instead of having the world's best pizza, we went to Alfred's Kitchen to have Perth's best burgers. :p
04.11.2009 - That morning, we had breakfast at Fiona's place. After breakfast, we went to Garden City to shop. My shopping craze hasn't really started yet. Then..for lunch, we ate at Little Creatures in Fremantle. And then...visited Freo Round House and also ate Ilgelato ice cream and visited Cottesloe Beach... Weather too hot. Want to faint~ Dinner time! Ciao Italia~ Yummy Bruschetta... Yummy pasta... Yummy Tiramisu... Yummy Strawberry Custard... Hehe...Ah... After the dinner, we went to Mill's Point to enjoy the night view of the city (?) I cant think of what to elaborate here so...Ok... That's all for now... You need to scroll up for Part 3. Hehe...

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