Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Sunday....

Woke up not too early...just early enough to discover that I have to fetch my dad from airport...

Did my laundry as it is piling up like a mountain. yea, I left my laundry on the floor until I cant stand them...No, I am not a tidy person.

By the time I fetch dad from airport, I just have enough time to hang the clothes out for drying and it is time to go out for my breakfast appointment.

Had breakfast at Yakin with Adeline where she broke the news to me that she has actually asked a guy that she has never met but talked to a few times to meet her at Yakin. Damn! I was to become a decoy for her.

Fortunately, he arrived after we finished our breakfast so we managed to end the whole meeting fast. After that, we went to Imperial Mall...Window shopping...I bought some veggie and a pack of this 'golden needle' mushroom (which I finished eating for my dinner).

Then, off to Boulevard for more window shopping. Then, we decided to do something that we never done before. Very 'rusa masuk kampung' feeling...Haha...

Photo sticker!!

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