Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fun with Dick and Jane

Had a bit of problem with my stomach today. Feeling too hungry (lol).

After a hearty dinner and a shower, I went back to the office to work overtime. At 10pm, Karen, Thomas and I went to Parkson to get movie tickets to watch Fun with Dick and Jane.

The movie wasnt too bad. I was curious to see that they portrayed the movie in year 2000. The whole movie is about a couple who tries to get enough money to get their lives back after they lost their jobs and not having any money left.
Surprisingly they didnt get caught for their crimes but had a happy ending. Is it just luck that they get to get away with their crimes (robbing ppl)?
Anyways, the scenes are funny in a Jim Carrey way. He is indeed amazing with his facial movement and body movements....
Finally at the end of the movie, I understand why they potrayed the movie in year 2000. They wanted to show that the friend or was it the obnoxious neighbour of Dick and Jane worked in Enron which eventually went bankrupt due to the unethical shifting of losses to Special Purpose Groups (i cant remember whether this SPG is correct or not)....
This movie is reflecting on corporate governance which is the unit I am taking for my CPA now..

Damn! I still have a lot more to study and I dont have much time...

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