Thursday, March 23, 2006

Final Destination 3

Karen and I actually wanted to watch Date Movie as planned but we didnt because we were told that a lot of scenes are cut off and the movie is less than one hour and a half?

Anyway, we went to watch Final Destination 3 with Laura, Josephine, ChiIng, Kelvin and Mr Wee. I went in to the cineplex knowing that it is going to be a movie about death.

The death scenes are whoa. This time, they can predict how they will die from the pictures that they have taken earlier in the fun fair.

If I am ever going to be given chance where I can see how I die and choose whether to escape it or not, I will still go one with it regardless if it will cause my death. Simply because I dont want to go over all those emotional breakdown because people around me starting to die because they escape from death due to me and then find myself facing death once again. Sheesh! So pointless to escape in the first place.

After the movie, we (except for Mr Wee) went to drink and dine at Al Fresco. The fried squids I ordered was good except that I didnt put the lemon cause i didnt see till the fried squids only left three pieces...damn!

We chatted and laughed...Then, Karen sent ChiIng home while the rest of us were with Kelvin. After sending Josephine home, we used the old road to go back to town.

It was truly scary to see that we cant see anything when the car headlights are switched off. And I once again discovered that I am not used to sitting at the back of the car anymore. I will feel dizzy. But before going to my car, we went for a have a look at the new location of Siam Thai Bar...

After i sent Laura home, I arrived home to call jinnwei...

Hmm..nvr imagine that I can talk so much to jinnwei. He will be back soon in Miri. Need to think of giving him pocket money so that mum and dad no need to worry about this aspect.

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