Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekends...time flies...

Worked over time again on Saturday. But unable to concentrate on my work. It felt like the work just keep on piling up and I am drowning in them. STRESS.

Golden Pot Restaurant...Dinner destination. But before I shower, I did some gardening which I regret t'cause not only that it makes my fingernails dirty, I even forgot that I need new soils before I can even start the gardening. Nevertheless, after my shower, I discovered that I need to fetch Josephine and time is running out. We were 25 minutes late. :P

Golden Pot is something like Shabu-shabu with more choices of soup base. the environment isnt too bad. Just that they can consider having the air-cond a little more cooler.

After the dinner, Josephine and I went back so that I can get the house key and then went to the Euro Fun Fair to join the others. I din spend any money in the fair. After wondering for I don't know how long in the fair, we went to Kelvin's house. We played 'jie ku' till around 2 am. I was the big winner, thanks to my mentor, ChiIng. Haha...

I sent Josephine and Laura home and finally sleep at 3am.

I woke up the next morning at 8 am to find myself facing a decision to choose a new handphone. Gosh...I was too sleepy to think le! Anyway, I then found myself losing a chance at an opportunity. Then, I went to Lynn's house to help out with the moving.

Went home to watch some tv during noon time. Nearly fell asleep on the sofa. But went back to Lynn's house again. Then left home to shower to go out for rojak...which leads to Luak Esplanade and finally home.

Gosh...I feel so tired now...

Anyway, I finally slept on 1 am after tv-watching and online. Btw, Daniel Wu is really cute and I know I am killing you when I said that..haha..."Drink, Drank, Drunk" was the movie I watched and cried...Yeah, I cried...Not ashamed of it... :P Cried when I saw the girl finally cried when she kept it in her for such a long time after the guy left her. The girl really tried her best to give her support for everything the guy did but the guy just felt pressurised by what she did. But in the end, the guy realised that he made a mistake leaving the girl and went back for her.

I have actually just came back from work. Feeling so tired now but decided to blog before my poor memory erase the memory of last weekend.

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