Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More makan

Last weekend, got invited to JCI installation buffet dinner by Laura. Went with Karen and dine with Laura and her family. The food at Imperial Hotel Restaurant is not bad. Pretty good.

We had a funny moment in the toilet when I discovered that the floor is pretty reflective. I think the management need to do something about this.

Then, the most recent weekend, the whole lots fo us went to Dynasty Hotel's Cafe Rosita to have buffet dinner. Good food once again. I think my stomach has shrink cause I didnt eat much and I am already full.

We had two choice for the after-buffet entertainment: Island or RexBox. But we went to Balcony instead. Things went on as usual...Mixing our own drinks and drinking and laughing and talking and fooling around.

Unfortunately, we all have to be Cinderellas so the fun is over by 11.30pm. Time to go home. Thanks to Karen for sending me home.

I think I was a bit drunk 'cause I stumble around getting ready to sleep. My assurance to everyone who is concerned about me drinking.

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