Sunday, May 21, 2006

New shoes

Went to Parkson with Lynthia and Amanda last night. And on impulse, I bought a shoes from Vincci.

Have been telling myself for weeks that I cannot buy any shoes till next month so that I will not over-spend..Sigh! Temptation and impulse sets in and I am gone...SIGH!!

Then, when we dropped out receipts at the doorway at Parkson to support stco...Stco is still number one for the prizes...Lynthia reasoned that the reason behind this success is because of the strategic place of the box. I think she is right.

Can you see why in this pic?


Prince of Darkness said...

Haha so now the box is being put to use eh, I never bother bout the box, haha maybe next time I should throw e receipt there as well eh...haha

ManDaGoh said...
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Anonymous said...

Throw into [SMK.St.CO]'s box..ok? :P