Thursday, May 25, 2006


I AM doing two things at once.

I JUST NOW blow-dry my hair.

I SAID nothing for the past half an hour.

I WANT to take a long holiday.

I WISH I have the determination to do my assignments.

I HATE being fooled or played by people.

I MISS Grandma.

I FEAR my fears will come true.

I HEAR most of the time.

I WONDER when will I be able to meet my other half.

I REGRET what Selene regret.

I AM NOT going to cry over what I regret (trying my best now. I expect you all (you know who you are) not to cry too).

I SING when I am comfortable with my surroundings.

I CRY over sad movie scenes.

I AM NOT ALWAYS happy and hapy-go-lucky.

I MADE a spreadsheet to know how much I am spending each month.

I WRITE blogpost when I have the mood to do so.

I CONFUSE people sometimes.

I NEED to have more determination in my job attitude.

I SHOULD be sleeping now.

I START to gain more weight.

I FINISH writing this in a few minutes.

I TAG whoever wants to be tagged.

1 comment:

Sherp said...

im crying, i cant help it..
these few days i've been catching myself crying again when i suddenly remember... i was watching charmed the other day, when one of them nearly died because her immune system is too weak or sth, my mum uttered, just like mama.. and i began to cry again