Sunday, May 21, 2006

Election Day

I have registered as a voter so that I can vote during the election but I didnt vote for this election 'cause my voting station is at SK Lambir Village...Where is this place?!
So instead of casting my vote, I did the next best thing. I volunteered to help out for the election. I become the polling agent. Worked for two hours. Not a bad experience. Pretty relaxing. When I went back to office to work after my polling agent duty, I found myself facing an office full with activities of calling ppl to go voting and cancelling out names of ppl who have go voting. Nevertheless, I had to do my own assignment so i didnt help out.

where I sat during the two-hour duty

The box where all the votes go to

Later that night, discovered that my boss won and that is all that matters.

Went to Island with Karen. A last minute decision actually. Arrived home at near 2am.


There was a night when I ate this sushi roll as my supper. Working very hard in the office and eating this is such a comfort... I know I look very 'wu liaw' taking pics of this sushi roll...Bear with me


Then, I have another pic of ppl's spelling mistake. This one is taken from a restaurant. "Vineger" = "Vinegar"


Sherp said...

the sushi roll looks really nice~!!
and your boss won wat? hehe i know won election but i don get it.. a bit confusing

g0hy|3 said...

He won the election for his area, Pujut so that makes him the representative of the ppl in Pujut area.

Does that explains to you?

Yea, the sushi roll is really nice. Will buy for you when you are in Miri, K? Remind me though...Haha