Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Currently facing a really hard time completing an assignment. Will continue to work hard to complete it though.

Anyway, watched Poseidon just now.

It is about a cruise ship being hit by a huge wave (something like tsunami) and then sunk. These few people tried to find their way out while the rest of the (at first) survived passengers continued to stay at the ballroom and then died because the water pressure caused the whole place to flood. The few people went through a whole lots of nerve-wrecking obstacles to finally making it out of the cruise ship.

The movie is good to watch. The actions are enough to make me squirm in my seat. Just one thing. There is so little time and yet there is enough time for them to do all those mushy-mushy conversation. They have not much time before the water gets to them adn drown them adn yet they managed to talk so much crap like say u love me and all that. Why cant they just get with the program and quickly get it thru with?!

Anyway..really enjoyed it la...I got to watch from the second front row of Cine 1. Not bad. I think it was more fun watching from such a short distance.

On another occasion, this week lunch highlight is Fratini's. Had Spiral with eggplant and Seafood pizza. I was so full till I wasnt hungry till 9.30pm that day...

Was ill on Monday. Stayed home sleeping the whole day. How I wish grandma is here. I remember the time when I had food-poisoning, she specially came over to cook porridge for me. She reminded me to drink more water and to eat my medicine. I miss her so much.


Prince of Darkness said...

Hmm seems like a two thumbs up movie eh...Will watch it when everyone is free :P coz now assignments kicking up the arse.

lynnx01 said...

Tears trickled down from my eyes when I read your post. I dream about mama very often and of late, I didn't mention any of the dreams in Cousins13 because I would end up crying.. and make others cry too.

gasoon said...

hey are you in Sarawak? me in KL.

just Watched the making of, in Astro this afternoon, pretty exciting. will watch the movie soon.