Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

Went to watch M:i:III on Saturday night.

Before the movie, we were contemplating whether to watch the 8.00 or 9.15pm. Finally, we watched the 8.00pm but was a little late entering the cineroom to watch the movie.

Like the previous Mi movies, they just got to have the drop-to-the-roof scene. But this time, they cut out the inside-the-enemy-territory-building scene so you dont know how he get the very-hard-to-steal 'rabbit foot.'

Tom Cruise is really in a very good shape at his age. Good-looking...But somehow, I dont want to see him in another Mission Impossible movie and I dont know why. And doesnt he always wear the almost identical style of clothes? Maybe I am just confused.

Really enjoyed the movie. And Maggie Q is super skinny....

After the movie, we went to drink at Al Fresco. Just usual chatting and laughing.

Sunday is rather boring. I had two instant mee-in-the-cups and really bored for the whole day.


cassie said..., was the movie nice??? recoomended to watch or not? haha..

ManDaGoh said...

Bored?Din find me?...lolx.Long time din go out with you liaox