Saturday, September 23, 2006

Breakfast Making

I have been making breakfast for four mornings.

Tuesday: Chicken with BBQ sauce buns

Wednesday: Chicken with BBQ sauce buns

Thursday: Sardine buns

Friday: Egg Sandwich and Tuna Sandwich

I spent around 15 minutes to prepare the buns each morning. Easy-to-make breakfast. The egg and tuna sandwich took quite some time and I prepared it the night before. Two loaves of bread le...fortunately, everyone is back in the office so I dont have to suffer the consequence of leftover sandwiches.

Monday morning will be sardine sandwich. I got the ingredient ready already except for the bread. Will be preparing it on Sunday night.


A silent celebration inside me when I know I get to go to KK audit trip. It will be an eye-opener experience-earning trip.


Sleepy le... Late night last night so feeling sleepy now...


Sherp said...

mouth watered again.. i think coz im hungry now, will eat anything la hhaa - lunch!!

l y n n w e i said...

wow....i wonder why u haf to do all these and if they really appreciate it deep down in their heart!! or are they just taking advantage on you?!

g0hy|3 said...

They appreciate it... In fact, they actually bought my breakfasts for so many times. We sort of take turn to get each other breakfast... No advantage-taking la.

Prince of Darkness said...

I also wan ler....I dun mind to drive down a little bit just to get :P haha just kidding :)

g0hy|3 said... breakfast-making mood is over...Back to the usual way of getting breakfast from someone else...

How about informing you that I have made breakfast when i do?