Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Final part of Shanghai Trip: Day 5 and final day

After a good rest, we woke up early to go to the Jade Buddha Temple. The temple has two jade buddha statues. The statues were actually made for some other place but because they are too heavy to move during that time, the statues were left there for the people to pray to. I didnt take any photos of the two statues partly out of respect of law and partly out of respect of the statues. Nevertheless, the scenery around the temple compound is not bad either. :P

After the temple, we went to visit the Song Memorial. The eldest daughter of the famous Song family contributed a lot to the development of China and when she passed away, she started a foundation to support the education of poor children. We were introduced to feng shui and how it can actually influence our lives. More specifically, we were introduced to a feng shui creature called 'Pi Siu.'

Pi Xiu eats a lot of gold and silver but unfortunately, it does not have a shit hole. This causes it to have a big mouth, big chest and a big ass. However, it releases the 'wealth qi' out of its wings so that it will not burst out of eating too much. In order for a Pi Xiu to maximise its power, it is better to get a mother and a son. According to the Feng Shui expert, there is nothing greater than the love of a mother. Each Pi Xiu is specially craved by a Feng Shui expert to give it the 'life.'

So, we were introduced different sizes and stone type of Pi Siu. The money from the sale of the Pi Siu are put into the foundation trust. Needless to say, a lot of us bought the Pi Siu. i have one too. :D

After buying the Pi Siu, we had our lunch and headed to Cheng Huang Miao. Before Siaw Ma let us roam freely in Cheng Huang Miao to satisfy our shopping hunger, we toured in yet another private garden.

Our meeting place at Cheng Huang Miao was in front of StarBucks. There is so many people around us. I didnt buy much stuff anyway. I saw no point of buying the things which they sold there. Ok...I bought one spaghetti strap top and one baby tee.

It was our final night at Shanghai so the dinner that night include a bottle of red wine for each table. Everyone was in a jovial mood. Mum and I packed our stuff that night. Our big suitcase was filled with food. From two suitcases, we added another two bags and one packaged silk blanket with pillow.

Arriving at the Pu Dong Shanghai Airport, we unloaded our luggages and bid farewell to our driver. Siaw Ma stayed with us till we entered the departure hall. As the tour leader handled our check-in and making sure none of us will be charged with over-weightness, I went to shop at the airport shops with my mum's friend's daughter. The lamest thing I bought is probably the Marie Claire chinese magazine. Personally, I dont read chinese mag and so the real reason why I bought that mag is because of the cute bag that comes along with it. :P

Overall, I did have fun and I probably have more if I didnt feel so restricted by my mum. This trip also encourage me to slim down. I wasnt influenced by the slimness of Shanghainese girls but by the pics I took. Need to lose some weights to look good in pics la.

I dont have any travelling plan for the time being. Time to get back to normal life.

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