Saturday, September 16, 2006

Annual BBQ Party

Once again, it is the time of the year to have BBQ. This time, it is held at Taman Selera.

I made sure that mum and dad know that I need to be in Miri on Friday. Dad specially brought me to Miri on Friday evening. His car was leaking engine oil and fortunately, we made it home.

Kelvin, Kueh and Laura came over to make the sandwiches and fruit salad. I made first when I peeled the pineapple. Yea, I know how to peel a pineapple liaw...Haha...

We went to Taman Selera not as early as we expected and didnt get the big shade. Otherwise, we would have probably video-ed the bully video. We took quite a number of pics...Erm, if I remember correctly, we should have taken up to 500 pics during this day including the boat ride. Unbelievable amount of pics.

I didnt eat much...must be due to eating too much in Shanghai. Gained 2 kilos during the trip. Argghh...

I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible. But I still managed to get a very mild sun burn. Weird...I didnt know I have sensitive skin... :P

After the BBQ, the party continues with a boat ride which I didnt went.

The star of the BBQ i think is this boy. I am not sure why it just happen. Everyone love him.

Btw, I have asked permission from the Mum to publish this pic...Hehe

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