Sunday, September 24, 2006


Last night, I started to play Neoquest and have been since then... It is a role-playing game and I am supposed to go on a quest and kill monsters and monster bosses.

Used to play this RPG called Chaos during university years. It is a game created by a lecturer and maintained with the help of a few engineering students. I was one of the first few players. But I wasnt a great player because I was too shy to ask ppl to group with me to kill monsters. So I din advanced well but instead I collected money and items...When the game was upgraded, I was one of the few with the unique items. I continue to slowly advance in the game till I was killed at one ugly battle and never played the game anymore because I lost all of my unique items. I remembered feeling so anxious and near to tears when I couldnt retrieve my corpse to get back all my stuff.

not my mahjong tiles set...I took this pic from elsewhere
Slept at 3am...Played mahjong. Not enough sleep... Get headache the whole day. Feel very sick somemore.

Hmm...Need to wake up early tomorrow...Supposed to make the sardine sandwich tonight but I am too lazy. So I will delay till tomorrow morning to ensure its freshness...

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l y n n w e i said...

hhmm...neoquest..tat is great..that u are starting to play..
i think it's veep's newest craze!!! haha...she's been telling me about it but i dont understand, i thought neoquest is something like fairy quest! is it not? hmm..