Monday, September 18, 2006

Drag Race

When I told dad that I am going to watch drag race with a friend, he was confused and surprised.

Confused because he thought he heard me wrong. "My daughter watch drag race?!"
Surprised because he knows I am not into cars. And I am still not into cars.

He was so blur that he just went out and called back a few minutes later (must have gotten out of his blur-ness) to tell me to be careful when I go watch the race.

At 2pm, Karen and I went to Lutong and got stuck in the traffic jam for one hour. The one-hour waiting proved to be fruitful because we parked at the front of the entrance. No walking a long distance for us. Haha!

I have a vague idea of what was happening there. I was only there to experience the excitement. After an hour or so there, we left the place to go to Esplanade.

i have no idea what has gotten into me but I was so tired that I fell sleep on the sofa again. I only woke up at 4am to go back to my bed to continue sleeping. :P


< u3!y!nG > said...

the cars are so cool.. shd hv taken me there.. i am so into cars.. i like the sport cars.. i was walking pass a sport car the other and it was on sale. i was tempted to call and askd how much but i did not. :P

g0hy|3 said...

It is an annual event though it is rumoured that there might not be any next year.
I should switch attitude towards car with you...that way, I will enjoy the whole event... :p