Thursday, September 28, 2006

Plan for the future

Read Lynnx's blog just now and shed a few tears over her post about grandma. I miss Grandma too. It reminded me of the conversation I had with a friend. My plan for my future.

All throughout my life, I dont have a plan. I just take life as it passes me by.

After Form 5, I went to Curtin University because yuanz went there too. I struggled thru the foundation year and found myself at the crossroad yet again. I didnt choose to study accounting myself. Yuanz did it for me. I just went ahead with it. Nasib baik I am good at it. In fact, it is the perfect choice for me.

I set a goal for myself during my degree years that I will not fail in any of the units I take simply because I have been studying in Science stream and Foundation Engineering. Commerce units should be a piece of cake for me. I did ok until the final semester when I have to take supplementary exam. I hyperventilated and wrote in a one-page long letter (attached with a three-page of my academic results in Curtin) to get a conceded pass. I got it and I graduated. Phew!

I didnt apply for any job in accounting sector straight after graduation. In fact, I went to become a substitute teacher for five months and a half before entering Andy Chia & Co.

I have the ambition to become a teacher when I was in primary school. The ambition was killed in secondary school because I saw how difficult the job of a teacher. Nevertheless, I wen to become a teacher to see if I am really suited for a teaching job. My family supported me for being a teacher but I realised that i dont really enjoy the job. I dont have the superiority to control my students. Instead of making them listen to me or fear me, we become more like friends. A teacher told me that what I am doing is right because students open up to me more willingly. Nah... This job is not me.

Upon starting my new job as tax audit assistant, I kept telling myself and people who ask that I can never leave Miri because I must accompany Grandma. I cannot leave her alone at home. I will complete my CPA and then see what I can do next. All because I dont want to leave Grandma. But if I have the chance in the future, I will consider taking it. I cant bear leaving Grandma.

It has been five months and when I reviewed my plan as I talked to my friend, I realised that I still dont want to leave Miri. I still want to stay here. Be at home. I am willing to stay here and not going out. Perhaps in the future.

My plan now is to complete CPA and see what to do next. Haha...Still the same old plan. Gain more experience. Absorb experience like a sponge.


l y n n w e i said...


how many papers are there for CPA? u finished 2 d, rite? 3rd one this Nov....jia you o!!

g0hy|3 said...

Four more papers to go. After I pass the up-coming paper in November, there will only be three left.

I will do my best!

l y n n w e i said...

aja aja fighting!!! FIGHTING!!