Sunday, April 17, 2011

KL Trip

A week after Taiwan Trip... I went for a KL trip...

I seems very loaded to do this two trips at such a short time period but I am not. I am completely broke. Haha... Taiwan is not in my travel plan initially when I planned this KL trip. But since Mrs Goh is sponsoring me so why not, right?

KL trip started on Friday. We flew. We arrived. We checked in to our hotel and we went straight to Ikea to lunch and to start shopping.
After shopping, we went to a friend's place to rest and for the guys to shower. Then... in two cars, we 'chiong' Genting.
For your info, I didnt gamble. I was there to see see look look. I dunno why I dun have the intention to gamble.

Next Day... in 2 cars again. We 'chiong' Melaka. Oh panas... Warm weather... Loads of walking around. Sight seeing. This time, I get to see A Famosa upclose....
And also to eat the famous chicken rice balls.
Then... we headed back to Damansara... actually, Elaine and I went to relax at JWei's place while he showered ...while the other 3 guys went to Jer's place.

We dined at Tao... an ala carte buffet dinner where we ate insane amount of salmon sashimi. I dun want to eat any salmon sashimi for the months to come. Urgh...

Day 3... Sunday. Elaine, Klaus and I went to KLCC for lunch and shopping. Then Dennis joined us and we went to Pavilion and also Sunway Pyramid... all to shop shop shop...
Day 4

Did a bit more shopping at Midvalley and we are packed to leave KL... Felt like time is not enough and so is the money. Hehe.. Not enough money!!

Ah... this trip is also about pampering this kid here. Eat no need to pay. Fuel no need to pay. Toll no need to pay. Lucky kid.

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