Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Day 1

Slept a bit in the 3 hours flight and arrive at Taiwan!! The weather is cooling...and then it gets a bit too cold due to the wind. But my excitement keeps me feeling warm. Hehehe...

Our bus is some sort of double decker. The luggage compartment is huge. As soon as all the luggages are palced in the bus, we headed to our first destination. The tour guide is a lady... I find myself not knowing where I am going this time. Probably because the itinerary I have is in chinese. It makes me confused remembering all the chinese names. From the tour lady's explanation, we are basically going to go one big round around Taiwan and it will involves a lot of bus journeys.
First stop - Lunch! That's basically what we will be having every day. A few variation but essentially the same things. It was raining when we arrived at our restaurant and so, our tour lady decided to get us all a raincoat each.
After lunch and donning on our yellow raincoats, we walked to Yeh Liu GeoPark. Erm... Din manage really go see the rock formations because it was raining and winds blewing and the location is looking out to the sea and it is a bit scary actually.
After a short bus ride, we reached another sea port where we went to visit the Ma Zhou's Temple..And it wasn't raining there.
We did a bit of shopping and sightseeing (looked at the fishermen's boats)..then we headed to the train station ... ditched our bus driver and used the train to go to Xin Cheng. Our poor bus driver has to drive, if I recall correctly, 3 hours to reach Xin Cheng. We? about 40 minutes only.

By the time we arrived at Xin Cheng, we are ready for dinner.Again, 9 dishes.... plus a fruit platter. Then, off to watch Taiwan culture show. Err...
Sorry la... I find it a bit boring. :p Not my interest la. By the time we finished watching the show, our bus driver has arrived and we were brought to our first hotel in Taiwan.
We get to change hotel every night due to the nature of our itinerary - every night at different places.

Later that night, Mum and I went to hang out at the tour leader's room. Drinking. Chatting. That's the only night Mum and I joined them. After that, we rejected the invitation. :p

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